Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Dummy Target Practice

I hate this:

I feel icky and annoyed. More a personal issue I guess. The video is part of a campaign by Street Smart, who is trying to prevent accidents involving pedestrians and cyclists. (Which is totally awesome, hooray for Street Smart.)

From DCist:
In a series of dramatic safety demonstrations in Montgomery County this afternoon, "Bobby," a wire-framed dummy the size of a 10-year-old human, is trying to cross the street.

In the first example, a truck traveling at 25 mph (a normal residential speed limit) is able to brake in time to avoid hitting Bobby. A close call, but Bobby is able to walk away.

In the second example, the truck is traveling 35 mph, 10 mph over the speed limit. Bobby is struck hard by the truck and thrown down the street. He has injuries, probably serious ones.

In the third example, the driver is only traveling 5 more miles per hour, 40 mph. But the small speed increase is probably fatal for Bobby. He's again thrown down the road, tumbling over before resting on his back. He's seriously injured, possibly fatally.

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