Monday, March 8, 2010

D.C. Lets Me Down Forever

That unfortunate, uncomfortable high-pitched noise you hear are the remnants of my screaming from afar. Why am I screaming? Why have I completely lost my shit? GLAD YOU ASKED!

Apparently, in D.C. you can hit a person and leave the scene, and you won't get charged! Which is awesome, because I thought that was the one remaining chance for charging a reckless (and in this case, murderous) motorist! Just kidding! Never mind! It's Frogger for the rest of us, and open season for anything with a vehicle!

A jogger was hit Saturday in the crosswalk. She was left to die, and the driver said he "didn't know" he hit someone. (Hey, when I through that knife in your direction, I didn't think it would hurt you.) And, since the deceased victim "was crossing against the light and wearing headphones" charges won't be filed (via). Sorry for the inconvenience, motorist! Bitch had it coming!

The woman is dead, and the reasons are ridiculous. At least Montgomery County and its incompetent officer of the law didn't fault The Clash's Rat Patrol From Fort Bragg.

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