Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Because Kitchen Confidential Wasn't Funny, It Used a Hit By a Bus Gag

I've been watching Kitchen Confidential on Hulu (to see what the big deal was) and I was completely unprepared for this:

And I guess that's what makes it funny? But no one does it as well as Mean Girls (warning, she gets hit by a school bus):

Which isn't to say that it's OK, but if we need to pick someone doing the gag well, I nominate Mean Girls. (At the very least, it is substantially less infuriating than anyone else.)

(Searching for that clip I found a "montage" of hit-by-a-bus clips (Mean Girls, Nip/Tuck, Lost). Which seems kind of crude. The commenter seem concerned that Final Destination wasn't included, which is a silly game to play, since the "hahaha a quick hit by a bus" is fairly common and was "pioneered" long before the horror film stepped in. The commenters are also concerned with realism, and things spiral pretty quickly, so click that link at your own peril.)

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