Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Seatbelt Safety Video

I saw this video earlier this year on How We Drive, and since its come up in conversation this week with two different people, I thought I would share it here. Before you watch, I want to share the warning accompanied by the video on YouTube:
ADVISORY - This video contains scenes of a graphic nature.
A disturbing new ad campaign has started to encourage people to wear their seat belts. The Government commercial shows graphic images of the fatal damage car crashes can cause to internal organs in a bid to persuade people to belt up. Thousands of people are caught in the North East without a seat belt on each year, and ministers hope the move will make the region's roads a safer place.
And here's the video:

I'm personally not opposed to seat belts. I know I've jerked on the brakes and the belt has prevented me from flying into the windshield, and I hadn't even rear-ended anybody. But that's just me.

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