Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Pedestrian Narrowily Escapes Death

I saw the above video on Buzzfeed yesterday, and [SPOILER] just as the man makes to the end of the street a bus barrels through the crosswalk and several cars begin their passage across the same intersection. And as that happened the air was sucked out of my lungs.

Buzzfeed's Peggy Wang wrote, "this guy pretty much wins at life," but I disagree. First, any success "at life," is generally an overstatement reserved for something rather mundane. For example, when the co-worker I used to carpool with would arrive with a cup of coffee for me, she won at life. She was the best co-worker ever. Etc.

This man doesn't win at life because he narrowly escaped with his life. (And conversely, if he had died, it would be devastatingly disrespectful to call him a "failure at life.") This is not FTW, this is shocking luck.

And with that, I hurl into a wastebasket and vow never to watch again.

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