Saturday, October 3, 2009

NY Cops Saw Bikes

From Gothamist (be sure to check out the story there), we have this video of NYC cops sawing bikes on Bedford Avenue in Greenpoint:

Gothamist's Billy Parker writes:

While [Ben] Running said that the bikes looked like ones that were currently in use, an officer from the nearby 94th Precinct in Greenpoint told the Post that the bikes removed have been there for at least three months. Officer Cole Pletka said, “From a distance, they might have looked like they were rideable, but the bikes were on top of each and both wheels were bent."

I can't really tell, but I don't like that videographer Running was asked by the cops not to tape the scene because the video might end up on the Internet. Because we know how the last cop vs. bike incident on tape ended!

Still, the reasoning leaves me with a few hypothetical questions: What if a cyclist parks in the same spot every day? For example, I might lock up my bike in front of my job every day, or maybe I have a regular post-work hangout and lock up there. Or, in a real life scenario, I always locked my bike in the same spot in college, and I know a very beautiful cruiser on campus locked up in the same spot year-round. I only know it moved because I was on campus after midnight working one night and the cyclist had finally left for the day. (Clearly, the cyclist was also a summer classes double major like myself. Or a very dedicated professor if it's still there.)

The incident also reminds me of the letter I read in Chicago one year when a moron asked for mayor Daley to remove bikes without seats because, clearly, they were dilapidated! I almost fell off my stool at Starbucks over that one! (I was caught by a lovely man.)

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