Monday, September 28, 2009

why.i.hate.dc and Alice Swanson

Note: I accidentally put the wrong last name here why.i.hate.dc's author Dave Stroup. I'm sorry, Dave, I thank you for not lambasting me and taking it so well. (Because I know I wouldn't.) Did you know, Internet, that while I was in college, students failed the entire course for messing up a person's name? Yeah, you think I would have picked up on that. Again, I'm very sorry! There's two lessons here lazy journalism, isn't there? I think I fixed all of the errors, but just in case, I'll be available for stake burning tonight after I finish watching It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Since The Washington Post ran an essay by staff writer Ian Shapira bemoaning the blogging treatment, wherein bloggers blockquote the heck out of original content, I've tried to copy + paste blog less. (It certainly makes for boring posts.) In short, Shapira logged hours in research, transportation, and article construction to have his article reduced to a few paragraphs by Gawker. I felt for Shapira. And I felt lazy, too. He worked hard, and Gawker swept his article into its rug, to receive payment over his work in page views.

So with Shapira's essay and experience in mind (plus my own admitted laziness) I hesitate to break down why.i.hate.dc's hours of work into a few block quoted sentences. Suffice to say, Dave Stroup went to a lot of work to obtain documentation and find the source of the removal of a ghost bike last month. After weeks of speculation and finger pointing, Stroup has the definitive time line as to who asked for the removal of Alice Swanson's memorial, a request for the bike's lock to be cut, but otherwise not removed, the back and forth between various offices, and a lot of finger pointing.

I'm really impressed with Stroup's work (especially considering my own lack of work in the last few months), so please, do read his blog post and lend your support.


Dave Stroup said...

hi there,

thanks for the kind words. though i think you mixed my name up with the WaPo writer :)

i'm glad i could shed some light on this. some people say it wasn't worth the time or energy but i disagree. this was an important story to a lot of people.

thanks for reading,

Katherine said...

Ah, no, I'm just an incoherent writer. I'll fix the rambling up a bit. (Thanks for being nice about it!)

Thank you again!

Katherine said...

And by incoherent, I mean, "I am sometimes a moron."