Friday, May 1, 2009

Brooklyn dude Peter Brett wrote a 400-page novel, on his phone, riding the New York subway (the F train, to be specific). I hate him almost as much as Gothamist does, who points out most of us are "checking out possible candidates for a Missed Connection post and listening to your podcasts."

Brett makes me feel like total crap. I started the blog more than a year ago to collect my pathetic stories about cars swerving into puddle on York Road on rainy afternoons in effort to splash me (usually successful, it's a miracle I never caught pneumonia), ward off predators at darkened bus stops, and extol the virtues of riding with a man who will board the Light Rail at the Lutherville stop and down a 40 before exiting at the next. And that was before I remembered my extraordinarily long commute to and from Rockville on an MTA commuter bus.

"Dark, demonic fantasy" The Warded Man is now in bookstores.

(Daily News article)

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