Sunday, March 29, 2009

It's time to think less selfishly

Hey Yonah Freemark! Go fuck yourself.

I've always thought that it might be better, for pedestrians, those who can't use stairs, and cyclists, if the stairs in stations were replaced with a ramp. No hauling a bike up and down the stairs, no problems walking up and down the stairs when the escalator is out, and an easier descend and ascend from the platform. This is flawed, and I'm working on tailoring this idea.

But honestly, fuck this bullshit that because the elevator goes out and A Lot of People Are Walking so we should ignore the people who are handicapped. What if everything were designed for the handicapped? What if we just did it in the initial design? Wouldn't, in many cases, everything be better accommodated for everyone?

We can't design everything based on money. This is not a world where cheap and shoddy workmanship can reign supreme. I want to save the deficits too, but looking at people with more needs and saying, Fuck You is selfish and flawed.

And doing that in transit is ignoring that many handicapped people rely on transit to get around. When you can have the monetary and physical freedom it's rude to ignore the needs of others.

We are so over, Freemark.

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