Thursday, March 26, 2009

Good job, Maryland!

You’re getting $53 million for green projects and that includes public transit! From Baltimore Business Journal:

The money that Maryland will receive is on top of the $113 million the state was told it would receive earlier this month.

Baltimore County will get $7.4 million, while Baltimore City will get $6.4 million. Another $9.5 million will go to the state’s energy department.

The funding will support energy efficiency programs, transportation programs that conserve energy and projects to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Recipients had to “report the number of jobs created or retained and how they plan to save energy” to get the money. I hope the Old Line State did both. Maryland is joined by the following states receiving money and putting at least some of it into transit: Oregon, Michigan, Wisconsin, Nebraska and Ohio. At press time more states were popping up with their plans, so surely there are more states.

Replacing bulbs in traffic lights with LEDs seem to be a popular program too. Vermont has an incentive program for carpooling/taking the bus.

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