Monday, February 2, 2009

Route from York, PA to Baltimore hopes to alleviate 83 congestion*

York's transit will provide a bus line from York to Baltimore to aid Pennsylvania commuters. From The Baltimore Sun:
York County's public transportation system, rabbittransit, will run six round trips each weekday day between York and Shrewsbury, Pa., and the Timonium/Hunt Valley area.
The best part is that it ends in Baltimore at the Light Rail, allowing commuters to use transit to reach their destinations. (I take my commuter bus to a Metro stop, but the other stops the middle of nowhere. Take a hike a mile in either direction and you're okay, MTA guesses.)

Rides are $5 each way and $64 for a monthly pass.

And it's funded, too!
The rabbitEXPRESS service, a three-year demonstration project funded by the federal government's Congestion Mitigation Air Quality fund, comes at a time when Maryland has been shedding commuter routes in response to budget problems.
Nearly 8,000 York Countiers commute to Baltimore County with an additional almost 3,000 working in Baltimore City.

*Am I the only one who has never dealt with traffic on 83? I'm always fine. I've never driven on it over a week day morning (but it looks clear from the Light Rail!) I'm also driving between Towson and the city, so I guess that's vastly different, too.

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