Sunday, February 8, 2009

the new dirty word

I posted about the stimulus this week on this week. It didn't go well.

Mobtown Shank looked at the resulting assinine and found that what did pass wasn't so great either. Emphasis mine:

Sadly, you'll see no request for any mass transit projects in the Baltimore request list. In fact, most of the funding looks to go be planned for legitimate and much needed infrastructure work - roads, water, bridges, schools, public safety, etc. I didn't see anything that seemed like a vanity project or even a forward thinking project - just mostly maintenance.

What this means, Maryland Tax Payer, is that if Senate Republicans are successful in blocking this stimulus package, Marylanders have one of two options - to allow our rapidly decaying roads and bridges to fall apart or pay higher state taxes.

Oh, and that legalizing slots magic bullet (that was really a tax on the poor) that everyone was all excited about? That turned out to be a turd.

They also hated on Head Start and NASA. I don't understand why these projects are wasteful.

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