Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Lost and founds

WMATA, MTA (NY) and MTA MD have lost and founds! (I am going to assume that CTA, MARC, Metra, and Amtrak do because if I researched and saw that there wasn't a L&F I'd be crushed. I love Metra, desire reliability from Amtrak and MARC, and have turned things in to CTA.)

If I accidentally left my phone on a MTA bus I would assume it was gone forever. I guess that's not fair, but if someone commented that the L&F is a page "just in case something gets turned in" I wouldn't be surprised. Not that my faith in WMATA is higher.

(I haven't been caffeinated.) This morning's post is about the L&F, but I wanted you to KNOW just in case you don't read there. And lose something valuable.

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