Thursday, February 5, 2009

I've got a sauer kraut masher

Via Baltimore Sun's twitter, zombie warnings have been spotted in Maryland by way of traffic signs. Zombie warnings were hacked into signs in Texas earlier this month.

MTA said its signs were hacked with messages, including the decidedly unoriginal message, "I love Tony." Hackers, I prefer we keep the messages to relevant content for other dimensions: warnings, traffic data, and 1 800 Dial a Spy notices related to pirates, zombies, dinosaurs (Indiana has a raptor warning), sea monsters (I'd love to have that incorporated, or maybe the prehistoric python?), Big Foot, the abominable snowman, the Snallygaster (it's real!), robots, the Montauk Monster, the Jersey Devil, and miscellaneous hipster symbols, please. Scientologists will also do.

MTA removed the hilarious sign from route 43 in White Marsh and is looking into beefing up security.

I recommend you grab a shovel or alternatively heavy duty tool as a precaution. (I used to pick lawnmower, but that requires gas or electricity, as do chainsaws, whereas hammers are too small and trash can lids just plain inefficient.)

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