Monday, February 2, 2009

If you pee on the train and they find out, it's out of service

The New York Times discovered, while riding, that passengers 1) urinate on the train and 2) if you want the urinator removed, you'll shut down the train. Which is not awesome, because it's not simply removing the urinator, it's ruining it for all of the passengers, who already have their day ruined.

MTA! Get it together. You're being unfair.

My sister was riding with her husband one night when a drunk man whipped it out and started to pee all over the seat. He had the seat near the door, so he soaked just his vicinity, as the board blocked areas beyond his footspace, but it was still a dangerous 30 seconds, and my sister quickly abandoned the car. Or her end of the train, I forget. I should video her re-telling, because it involves hand motions. I wonder if Metro would also delay the car?


A said...

What was amazing about that incident was that no one in the urinator's vicinity seemed concerned. I moved a few feet back, but the other Drunkie McGees on the car just leaned away and giggled.

Now, I have no doubt that if the guy had been a 12-year-old girl with a french fry -- or had he been, say, less white -- he would have been in handcuffs midstream.

If Metro would give up the pretense and take out the carpeting, that guy's biohazard could have been quickly cleaned up, and I could enjoy a nice cup of coffee on my way in to work.

Michelle C said...

Horrifying. I will say the most urine soaked city I have ever been in is Philly.