Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Two Links

You've obviously noticed that I've fallen behind on the weekly news posts and the general transit chatter here. I've managed to hold on to regular posting for Examiner.com (whether or not the substance is there is yet to be determined) and Winsome Icarus [Blog] where I write mostly about the accident. And I'm really sorry! Because you're bored at work and need some transit-related fluff or ranting to fill your day.

I found two articles I really want to share.

First, Boston has debuted a seatless subway car. Seatless cars are supposed to maximize capacity and are probably easier to clean. I think seatless cars are a terrible idea. One, they're heavier than other cars. Two, I'm uneasy with packing in extra people into an already crowded car. Three, I'm worried the extra weight is bad for the train. Boston has probably studied this and found a way to make it work...which makes me uneasy again, because I do not want to see it in Baltimore, Chicago, or DC.
And finally, what about people who can't stand? What about old people, pregnant women (because we're obviously more concerned about those factions in society, helllooo), people who can't stand for a long time, people with bad knees, me in a few months? Way to go, Boston.

Jennifer at General Carlessness has a post listing bike options in other cities. Have I mentioned how much I like her blog? I like it a lot. She's been posting a lot more photos lately too, which has set my heart aflutter. Look, there's something in Chicago I recognize, wheee!