Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Subit Your Story to Smile, Hon!

This is really cool. From The Mobtown Shank's classifieds:
Through December 31, 2008, ESP – publisher of the award-winning SMILE, HON, YOU’RE IN BALTIMORE! series – is seeking your transit-themed stories, essays, poetry, photography and other artwork for an upcoming special focus issue of SMILE, HON. Potential topics/perspectives of interest include, but are not limited to: mass transit (including bus, MARC, light rail, subway, air travel, etc.); automobile (including commuting, taxis, etc.); bicycle (including city, rural, etc.); and pedestrian ventures. Articles (100 - 2,000 words) are preferably received via e-mail (wpt@eightstonepress.com) as attached Word documents. Image files should be at least 5” x 7”, 300+ dpi (.TIF, .JPG, or .PDF format). All contributors will receive a byline/artistic credit for their work as well as two (2) complimentary copies of the issue in which their work appears.
So they beat me to getting the printed version of The Perils of Public Transportation but that's okay.

You're going to submit something, right? Because I know I want to hear your story about the time you rode the light rail to see Helvetica and that guy downed a 40 and left the bottle on the seat. Or that time you hit a hole in the road on your bike, went flying into the air, and landed in a chicken crate. Or the time you walked to Pickles from Camden Yards and made five new best friends when you all agreed that Derek Jeter is just the worst man on the planet.

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