Sunday, December 14, 2008

Man shot fleeing bus stop in Baltimore

Oh this is not good. From The Baltimore Sun, a man was shot in the leg waiting for a bus on North Avenue (emphasis mine):
A 59-year-old Coppin State University custodian was shot in the leg while standing at a North Avenue bus stop on his way home from work Friday night, authorities said. Baltimore police found John F. Sydnor lying in the 3200 block of W. North Ave. about 9:20 p.m., said Agent Donny Moses, a police spokesman. Sydnor was waiting for the bus "when the presence of a large group of juveniles made him nervous," Moses said. "He began to walk away and suddenly heard a bang and stinging sensation in his right leg." Moses said police have interviewed at least nine juveniles seen running from the area. Sydnor was in good condition at the Maryland Shock Trauma Center yesterday afternoon, Moses said.
Why would anyone do that? What fun is there in shooting a stranger? What did he do to the group but leave the area? The article doesn't say if he was alone at the stop before the group approached, but part of me feels like a dozen people could have continued waiting for their bus after the incident.

Is the transit violence on its return from last December?

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