Saturday, December 20, 2008

It's Okay, I Can't Sleep Anyway

I like to go to bed before my parents do, because I've convinced myself that I sleep better that way. Before the accident I was going to bed before they did on weeknights. I would trudge to my bedroom around 10 p.m. with a glass of water (and sometimes, a glass of wine, tee hee) and watch episodes of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia or last week's Pushing Daisies and Dirty Sexy Money (my guilty pleasure*) before falling asleep.
And then, just like when I was little, I'd wake up as my parents came upstairs, flicked on their bedroom light, and then quietly shut the door, stopping the flood of golden light under my door and into my room. (As an irrelevant note, when I was little, I remember the gold light phenomenon from my crib, and getting irritated because EVERYONE IS AWAKE BUT ME NO FAIR.)
I've been failing on this effort to get into bed twenty feet from where my parents are and under the covers, asleep, before they go to bed. In fact, I have pretend-begged my mother to WAIT, JUST A SECOND, I NEED HELP GETTING TO BED. (A new phenomenon. I was okay the first week.)
Tonight she did, and I snuggled under the covers with my leg in the air and my arm balanced just so, but twenty minutes later I was wide awake...
....When my phone rang. Well, I thought, Like hell am I getting up and answering that drunk dial.

Another twenty minutes passed, and out of water, I resolved to write (uh, not this post specifically) until I was asleep, and checked my phone to find a number I did not recognize. And at first I thought, that area code is Southern! I bet it is Stupid Ex-Boyfriend (as in, the one who gave me a lecture on the day before my birthday on what it means to be a good friend, moments after bragging about his new girlfriend, and even if I was interested in someone new that day it was still really mean, Internet, and has been magically silent ever since, not even, "Sorry you were hit and probably almost killed by a car," so we see who is decent friend now).

It was Southern.
But it wasn't Stupid Ex-Boyfriend.
It was a "disconnected" line for a RAILROAD.

I'm going to presume it was a fate-based wrong number.

This transit thing is out of hand!

*I've missed the last five episodes, no spoilers please!

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