Monday, December 15, 2008


Via Gothamist, the cop who "body slammed" a Critical Mass cyclist in New York City in July has been indicted. You may remember the cop had a shady history, was a rookie, and was well, a jerk.

CityRoom reports

It is believed that prosecutors were seeking felony charges of filing false records in connection with the police report that Officer Pogan filed after arresting Mr. Long. Officer Pogan, who was stripped of his gun and badge in July after the video emerged, also could be charged with a misdemeanor count of assault.

“My client denies any wrongdoing in this matter,” Mr. London said in an interview Monday afternoon. “I would have people withhold judgment until all the evidence comes out about the bicyclist’s actions prior to my client taking action.”
The claims that the cyclist did something is bogus. (He was arrested and charges were dropped in September.) You can view the video here and decide for yourself.

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