Monday, November 17, 2008

Wet Leaves Continue to Ruin Everyone's Lives

In an official statement, MTA has asked Light Rail riders to tack on an additional 30 to 45 minutes to the commute for the delays while wheels are repaired.

If the extra thirty minutes puts you outside the bus stop at a new time, check your bus schedule to make sure you aren't waiting in the cold during a lull. Some lines have gaps in their arrival time (even buses that run every ten minutes).

Everything north of North Avenue has been replaced by shuttle buses (or bridges). The trains will run as single cars (bikers may want to be especially aware of crowding) and trains will run from Penn to Camden. From The Baltimore Sun:
MTA has been unable to put enough trains in service because of heightened awareness of the wheel problems, a situation made worse by rails that are slick from falling leaves. Employees are working on interim and permanent solutions to the problem, but shuttle bus service will continue indefinitely until repairs can be made, said spokeswoman Jawauna Greene.
Indefinitely. Yikes!

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