Friday, November 14, 2008

Weekly News

Maybe we should all just agree to recognize that the news posts are on Friday. Because I didn't meant to set a precedent, but I clearly did. Do you mind?


Someone fell on the tracks last weekend and was rescued || Police are using CTA video for clues in an Englewood murder. It's a shame the video in Baltimore never works, or police could try that, too. || About CTA job cuts || Bikes without handlebars makes me very very sad. And confused. || Jennifer is mad at this guy. I would like to yell at him, too, because, uh, really? No one is supposed to be as wimpy as I am in the weather. Really, you think people don't bike in the winter? I mean...seriously? || CTA will raise fares 15% but not cut service. Paying more sucks, but cutting service would be worse, and the more I look at various cities suffering the burden of absolutely no funds to more I secretly support fare increase. I won't enjoy it, of course.


SmartTrip upgrade schedule || Parking drama in Columbia Heights || Bike friendly 15th Street? || Traveling from Dr. Gridlock || VA has trucks to pre-heat roads, DC has more plows, and drivers are getting training. Since unplowed roads mean you still have to come to work, it's good to know the roads are clear for cars and buses. Now let's clear the rails! Let's treat them. || DC is consdiering an upgrade to its bike parking. Are there laws on how to park one's bike? And why am I so concerned about it? || Metro's worst bus lines || Barack may (or did or did not at time of this writing) sign bill forking millions to bridges and roads. Um, really? What know...cities? || Congress wants bailout for cars. Sigh. Yglesias points out that maybe if it was energy efficient... || Inauguration Poll from Track 29 ||

DC Transit Examiner:Living in ease || Transit anticipation || Make appropriate plans—various services reduced or not running || Virginia and DC prepared for inclement weather while I refuse to accept the wintry season || Weekend plans may need re-routing ||


MTA's Thursday meeting totally blew, and made me kind of really mad. ||

New York

HarperCollins is providing bike parking || Pedestrian friendly Park Slope || MTA effed up West Side project by dealing with Goldman Sachs || How the collapse of international banks also hurts MTA. I'm not being fair here, to be honest. In some ways no one could have known that it would all come crashing down on us last month. And if you can get the money from someone it's better than no money at all. || Bike friendly zoning || Bridge tolls still totally unpopular || UPS and parking enforce don't know how to park (and I just finished listening to This American Life when I read this article) || Even more about how poor MTA is || A man was hit and killed by a LIRR train || Bike thief arrested and convicted. ||

So...I have a friend, with a fire escape, who left her bike unchained over the summer thinking that because it was "above ground" he bike was safe. DO. NOT. DO. THIS. Of course her neighbors stole it. Of course they could, because it was unlocked. Lock your bikes, dummies. Also, please lock your windows Baltimoreans, and raise your escapes (if you can). This seems like a no brainer to me anyway, but I can see how people might not be "paranoid" like I am.

FUN STORY: I was alone over winter break my first full winter in Baltimore and woke up every night one week in a panic because people were on my deck, at my door, or talking in front of my window. Nothing like waking up to long shadows cast on your walls. I lived in Party Central, and it was just lost (drunk) Towson students, but frightening none the less. (Or maybe I read too much news.)

North Carolina

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