Friday, November 7, 2008

Weekly News


High speed rail passes in CA election (LA Times). And more here from Streetsblog.


City gets rid of trolly (General Carlessness).


List of transit initiatives on ballots (Streetsblog). || No more checks for Metro employees (Get There). No they'll get...vouchers. || Obama's future (HuffPo). || SmartTrip schedule (GGW). ||

DC Transit Examiner:

Citywide disdain for bag searches || Metro: more than meets the eye || Wanted: national transit mobility


Red Line Metro (City Paper) This was hard to read. Because the "there's no lot there" IS A FAIRLY ACCURATE SUMMARIZATION OF MY TRANSIT LIFE IN BALTIMORE. I have to go outside so I can hug my car now. And cry for all of the anxiety transit heaped on me when I lived there. I miss you Baltimore, I miss you more than I anything or anyone, but MY GOD YOU ALMOST KILLED ME with your transit limitations!

Sec. of Transit says Peace Out, Money! (FNP)

New York

GPS plan stalled (NY Daily News). The plan would announce and track the arrival, destination, and locations of buses in the city. If you've ever waited for a bus that never came, you know how badly this sucks.

I promise more (and better) news next week.

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