Sunday, November 30, 2008

This is why MTA sucks

Today The Baltimore Sun asks: " If a bus stop is missing its sign, should the driver still stop?"

Allow me to answer: YES.

Doesn't the drive know the route? If people are standing there, on your route, and you stopped there yesterday, shouldn't you still stop? And if you're confused that the stop has been removed, shouldn't you contact your supervisor and find out if the stop is there or not?

From there it should be MTA's priority to investigate the matter, and in finding the sign is missing, replace the sign.

It shouldn't take long to get the message through the chain of command to someone to go to the site and investigate, and from there, replace the sign. I'd allow a week at most.

Seriously, MTA. This is why I'm always annoyed with you. You're always letting us down, leaving us in the cold.

MTA says that it has tried to replace the sign and that some driver's are confused. Send a clear memo to all drivers that there IS a stop and do what it takes--more than a pole--to secure a clear sign.

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