Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Chris Core follow-up

Last week I wrote about Chris Core, WTOP bastion of Value, and his nasty comments about bikers. I included the letter I sent him (to which he has, naturally, not responded).

The WashCycle details Core’s follow-up, where the nasty man sits atop his throne of entitlement to poo poo cyclists some more. Core also promises an entire show devoted to being a dirtbag to cyclists. Core even calls receiving angry hate mail "taking one for the team," which is disturbing. First, the letters don’t seem hateful. I’ve received worse from rational people. Second, being a blowhard is hardly "taking one for the team." But a professional bloviate is generally blinded by his or her own arrogance.

I guess this means that Core is uninterested in motor vehicle safety and isn’t taking into account that the roads are for everyone (because the sidewalks are for pedestrians).

Seriously, though, if we all got along we’d all be much happier. Why can’t we work toward this in everything we do?


In unrelated new, my friend recently got a bike. She’s excited, except we’ve finally been hit by cold weather, and to my relief, she said she can’t really enjoy her bike until it’s warm again. Success! I’m not the only one in the area unable to pedal the streets in the face of arctic weather. Oh, look, there’s a Polar Bear! All she needs now, she said, is a helmet, a crate, and a basket. Yes, totally. And a warm scarf for when you feel braver than me.

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