Friday, November 14, 2008

Chris Core, cyclist enemy?

Sigh. Via The Wash Cycle, Chris Core is a jerk. Commenting for WTOP, he spewed the haterade, dismissing cyclists for going to slow, following the law, breakin' it, and gettin' in his way. I wonder what kind of vehicle he drives. I think I have a pretty good idea.

Since moving out of Baltimore there's been far less of an opportunity to ride my bike in a city environment. Or a street that isn't lined with cows. Still, I have strong feelings about sharing the road, so I sent him a letter through the WTOP website. It's not any more educational than the linked post above, but I believe it takes more than one dissident voice to get the point across. My letter is pasted below:

Dear Mr. Core,
I am very disappointed with your recent comments on cyclists. I myself rely more on my car than I do on public transit or a bicycle, though it is to my great dismay, yet compelled to contact you regarding your seemingly one-sided argument against cyclists.

Quite frankly, your archaic arguments hold no water. The size of the transportation should not matter on the road. A motorcycle is also small, yet I am sure it has the same respect as an automobile for you, correct?

I have recently moved back to the DC area from another city, where cyclists share the road with large SUVs. The cyclists there put me to shame, zooming through the streets at speeds much faster than 15/mph. I doubt every rider on the road is truly moving that slowly. I myself live too far from a destination to bike, but I admit I would be hesitant to drive the road, as I do not want to be hit by a speeding vehicle with a driver such as yourself. But what if I was able to and did join the traffic? A bicycle is required to ride in traffic where there is not a bike lane and cyclists are subject to the same laws as a motorist. A road has a limit for its maximum speed but the roads you are referring to do not have a minimum.

I worry about how you pass cyclists. Do you speed past them so that the force of the wind threatens to topple the cyclists? If a gust of power generated by a 5,000 lb vehicle threatened to harm you, wouldn’t you also be a little upset? I know that I would.

Finally, as you drive, I beg that you be mindful of the right hook. Because you don’t seem particularly concerned with the safety of cyclists, I urge you to research the dangers, so a person on a bike is not injured. You may or not be aware that several cyclists have died this year in DC over traffic incidents that could have easily been avoided.

Thank you for reading this. I hope you will be more open minded in the future. Respect to others will help make our roads safe.

Katherine M. Hill

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