Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Be good to your driver

The worst thing in the world happened when my bus pulled into the lot this evening. I ran to my next bus to find myself at the end of a very long line...and watched as the bus pulled away because it was too full. This was my biggest fear when I committed myself to this commute, and at the time, I had too much experience with missing buses and no car. When I started my new commute I filled a back pack with clothes in case I missed the last bus, or the bus never came, so I could crash at my sister's. (It's still there, thanks older sister!)

I got a bus, and I was among the many grouchy riders that boarded, but I was not the belligerent crankypants inciting an uprising when our warm bus putt-puttered to the side of 270. When the bus stop, we groaned, and the driver explained, "Didn't you see how fast we were going?! The transmission stopped." Then we re-started and puttered home.

But not before severe abuse from the crankypants. "THIS IS RIDICULOUS," one man shouted, "THIS IS THE THIRD TIME THIS HAS HAPPENED TO ME!" He then argued with the bus driver. Finally the driver said, "Report it to MTA," to which the man said, "YOU REPORT IT!"

And the poor bus driver explained that he does, and buses break down, and that the riders should speak up, too. He added that we all have cell phones, use them.
The man spent the ride complaining, to no one in particular, about how awful MTA is. I hope he blogs.

If the man rides regularly he may ride 10 times a week, at 40 times a month, at 480 times a year. Three out of 480 is pretty good considering an MTA bus in Baltimore may break down more frequently.

I agree that it's a huge inconvenience. But it's not the bus driver's fault! Give the driver a break.

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