Sunday, October 19, 2008

Weekly News

The weekly news post is a little light this week. I've been busy and I guess the transit news outside of DC has captured my attention less than usual. Don't forget, you can sign up for e-mail notifications or RSS my blog, and, as always, I have more to say than just transit stuff. Check out this week's Shameless Reader on Winsome Icarus [Blog] for more!


CTA has partnered with I-GO (via CTA Tattler). It is my person opinion that DC's partnership with similar companies is the worst IDEA EVER. I'll expand later.


Sentencing began for the Metro supervisor who stole a boatload of money.

DC Transit Examiner (there's a lot, just go!)


MTA is cutting routes. I'm furious.

Carjacking last week near a light rail station. It's really important to me that people can ride through the city without worrying that they will hit the line of fire [figuratively, not just gun violence].

New York

New York subways are going to post ads in subway tunnels now too (via Gothamist). Some of the tunnels for DC's Metro have moving advertisements. They're cool but it makes me kind of queasy.

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