Monday, October 13, 2008

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A TEENAGE GIRL was shot on a bus after a man brushed against another passenger (via CTA Tattler). The men argued on the bus and the shooter exited before shooting outside. This is assinine. I should be dead by now, I'm incredibly clumsy.

CTA gets properties in divorce. Wait, what?

CTA Tattler compares year-to-year violence. Kevin also covers the crime experience of his readers. I had my macbook out two days a row on the train and now I'm totally paranoid. But I think I have good reason. I'd freak out if this happened to me on the Metro. Look (emphasis mine):

No one came to my aid. After the event, the suspect was trapped on the train as it proceeded to Laramie. I ran through the train car in vain looking for the call button to alert the driver to not open the doors at the next stop, but could not find one.

The reason I could not find the call button--it was not one individual trying to steal my bag, but two individuals working in a team--one grabbed my bag while the other stood in front of the call button so no one could find it.

My worst nightmares are the ones where I'm running around looking for something that does not exist.

Fare increase, nooooo! (CTA Tattler dissects here.) ...Notice that CTA has a monthly pass. WMATA, when will we get our monthly passes?

CTA Tattler looks at the budget.


Possible suicide on Friday.

DC Transit Examiner:

"Monday parking ire plus preparing for the week"

"Calculating the commute" (here too)

"WMATA finds energy supplier for hybrid fleet"

"Spring loaded handles cause nothing but strain"

"Does Metro Meet Your Needs?"


There was a shooting near the Cherry Hill Light Rail stop in Baltimore Thursday morning; the victim was though to be armed and selling drugs, she was shot by police. But it turns out that she wasn't armed. Light Rail riders had to duck under police tape to exit the station and continue to their destinations.

Bus hauling competition!

New York

Trains are slow. Uh, I already knew that. I saw it on Seinfeld. And the Tweets! My God, I feel for my friends who are late for work. There is a substantial increase of delayed trains. It sucks to transit in NYC with its uncertain future and certain rate hike (again).

Weird marketing for subway boxers. Ew. Also ew: calorie campaign continues underground. Can you leave the guilt above ground? I want to enjoy my latte on the commute, thanks.

"#1 Subway Fan" arrested. I kind of love that someone is obsessed with the subway.

Cops making Queensboro bridge dangerous by parking their CARS IN THE BIKE PATH. A man died on a bridge last week, this is assinine people! I guess I'd jump off and walk it, but most cyclists (especially in New York) are faster than I am, and I'm thinkin they uh, can't do that like I would [in theory]. The worst part is that Gothamist notes a cyclist who almost hit a squad car and was told the cars were there for SAFETY.

NJ Turnpike tolls are rising. Lame!


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