Monday, October 6, 2008

Weekly News


CTA Tattler has a hilarious story about riding the train before the ballgame. It wouldn't have been as funny if I had been waiting. (I'm a Cubs fan.) There's a post it note in that post you gotta see, too.

Hey! CTA, I found a camera on your train and turned it in, hoping to jumpstart some good karma that would bring me my wallet back. Did you ever find the camera's owner? It was nice point and shoot.

Redesign Union Staion! Deadline is October 15.


As announced Tuesday, you can now find me writing for (link). Those posts will be in the DC section of the weekly news posts. This week those posts were:

Monday parking ire plus preparing for the week

Metro to get funding!

DMV Fiscal Year Sees Changes

Army moves it jobs to most frugal option: away from Metro

Missed transit opportunity

(It will be okay because we totally know what we're doing, the Army says.)

The Washington Post has a quiz asking readers to identify Metro stations by its artwork. Metro will install a new piece next year at Farragut North.

The U.S. Senate backed federal funding for Metro! Because John McCain doesn't want to see my happy, he voted against it.

Via Greater Greater Washington, police are wasting time ticketing cyclists. The District has better uses for its police force, and putting the focus ticketing bikes is super lame. (I'm not saying it's okay to go the wrong way...) And a great post about Wisconsin cyclists. Please read it; I should report this too but I'm burned out from this head cold.

GGW has the schedule for Purple Line meetings. Go.

We might get a Brown line?


There's a battle over a partial underground subway ("Light rail" but the extension is part of the subway and LIGHT RAIL. DOESN'T. GO. UNDER. GROUND. so, whatever). In short, you either want it or you don't, and if you don't, you want a Light Rail extension, which, depending on which block you live on, you do or you don't support. For example, if you're in one part of Fell's Point, you don't want your faux WASP-like streets to be tarnisted by an above ground rail. Yet around the corner you yell, "YEAH BRING IT ON," because of non-driving Baltimoreans like me. (Though I drive now. But that's not the point, is it?) I digress: GBC wants an above ground rail and hates the bus. Yeaaaah.

If you drove to Phelpstival you were out of luck for parking. Maybe you found something on TU's campus and stood outside of Bateman's with the nutsos from Fred Phelp's church? I heard on the radio that they had a sign that said GOD HATES MICHAEL PHELPS. I find this especially befuddling as he is a white heterosexual male, which is Their Thing. So...uh, following their qualifications, I'm stumped. I think GOD HATES FRED PHELPS but I forgot to reply to God's e-mail over the weekend and he won't confirm or deny for me. Maybe if I Digg his last blog post He'll let me know.

You were totally screwed for Fell's Point Festival, too. I parked in a deck that said it had FREE PARKING on Weekeneds and had to pay to get out. They stood in front of the sign and said, "NO IT SAYS THREE DOLLARS RIGHT HERE." ARGH. I guess I need to write BBB, but it feels petty. (BUT THEY WERE SNEAKY! ARGH, THE INNER CONFLICT.)

New York

MTA says it will cost $100 million to clean stations. Gulp.

Bike parking!

Gothamist reports that steps have been taken to cease disability abuse. Did I mention I know a guy who knows a guy who did this? And is still trying?

There is on-going drama about cars in Prospect Park.

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