Friday, October 31, 2008

Weekly News, Early Edition

AIG's collapse will likely hurt transit, forcing cuts across several cities (Streetsblog).


Toronto doesn't want your bike on the sidewalk (The WashCycle). I agree, hypocritically. I'm actually afraid of riding with cars (I'm so slow, I can't compete with 60/mph) and have yet to be in an area with a bikelane. The WashCycle writes that it's the first time that the bikelane is a means to get off the sidewalk, but I was under the impression that bikelanes were built so bikes would be safer among the cars.


Rapists nabbed with transit card (Tribune, via CTA Tattler). Is this a little Big Brother? Otherwise I think it's really cool.

Chicagoans are mad as hell and they're simply not going to take it (CTA Tattler). I say this because I wasn't there, but I am kind of enjoying how people are turning up for meetings across the country (even if it's not in high numbers) and raising their voices. I hope more people are writing letters, too.


China is pouring money into transit to help the economic crisis (Reuters). That's more than we'll get out of McCain and his baloney plans.


Protesters outside Metro stations dissent bag check, ask riders to do the same (Get There). I saw this on the news as I left for work and jumped around the kitchen, giddy that other people are not only pissed but are doing something. The news was at Dupont Circle, where I have an activist flyer shoved in my face any day of the week, but that's not the point.

DC Transit Examiner:

AIG's collapse could cripple Metro

Should Metro be censored?

Solution for Metro's spring-loaded handles

Metro makes brilliant, kind of lame moves


Dirt bikers taunting, harassing, and driving Baltimore residents crazy (Baltimore Sun). OH MY GOD THIS IS INSANE. It really hurts that the bikers RAMMED THEIR BIKES INTO A CAR and the police "couldn't do anything." I know I sound like Crazy White Girl when I say this, but it leaves me very concerned that other acts committed on the bike, which are clearly NOT OKAY will go by the wayside. What, you were stabbed, kidnapped, mugged, by a biker? Well, it's a small vehicle and we're just an undermanned and underpaid police force, YOU'RE ON YOUR OWN, INJURED AND HYSTERICAL LADY. This is ganglike activity, DO SOMETHING. Okay, the article is about the efforts to GET SOMETHING DONE but I'm still REALLY irritated.

My people are making fake permits (Examiner). Guys, seriously, you're going to have to get more high tech than that if you expect to get away with this.

New York

John Liu wants parking to be a more civilized experience (Streetsblog). HAHAHAHAHAHA YOU'RE FUNNY.

Cops accused of sodomizing a man in a Brooklyn subway (Gothamist). This is horrible.

MTA's bureuacracy (New York Times).

More on timeliness (Metro). I rode this weekend and I didn't think it was so bad...but my expectations are pretty low these days.

Parking in the Bronx is harder than before (New York Times). So is that the trade for bringing a show to its geographic location? Was anyone in Baltimore affected by The Wire? (Really asking, I don't know.)

Bus depot needs upgrades...and it's not even finished yet (NY Daily News). ARGH.

Zombie buses in the Bronx (NY Daily News).

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