Friday, October 24, 2008

Weekly News, Early Edition

I'm going out of town this weekend, and quite frankly, just feel like posting early. :)


Americans and mass transit (Salon). Bigger discussion next week, feel free to weigh in now.


Drivers in Southern California can vote without exiting their cars (Yahoo! News). Do they get an I VOTED sticker? Because that's very important to me.


Montreal's Bixi (Streetsblog)


Stop riding in the dark (General Carlessness). DC RESIDENTS CAN GET A FREE BIKE LIGHT NEXT TUESDAY AND THURSDAY.

Blue Line work, Brown line problems, questions answered, the Shell Game (so glad I don't have to deal with that; be sure to read the post Kevin links to where he shuts them down! CTA Tattler)

OH. MY. GOD. ARE. YOU. KIDDING. ME?! (General Carlessness)


DC Transit Examiner:

New buses start Monday (also info about the bike light program)

A free ride

WMATA to exterminate paper transfers

VRE on the way to increasing fares

also, new comment policy (identical to the one here, which is DON'T BE A JERK)

Six year old is voting for Obama for his position on transit (Greater Greater Washington).

Riders Advisory Council is seeking new members (WMATA Press Release).


Parking issues in Baltimore (City Paper). Whenever I drive to Baltimore I ended up really stressed out because I. CAN'T. PARK. ANYWHERE. I drove to Baltimore last weekend and COULD. NOT. PARK. ANYWHERE. At some point I cried out, "I WISH I COULD TAKE THE BUS." Uh, what, Katherine? You hated waiting for that damn bus.

Donna Edwards likes the purple line (Gazette, by way of GGW). Now I'll have to stop disliking her.

New York

There's some drama over the rehab of the 4th Ave. stop in Park Slope (Gothamist).

Inside Atlantic Ave. subway tunnel (Gothamist).

Greenway Link bikepath is open (Streetsblog)!

Reclaim Magazine's article about pedestrian safety (Streetsblog). A great point is made here about the crane incidents: people (and cyclists) are hit far more frequently but it doesn't seem to be the same concern as worrying about objects falling out of the sky (remember the panic when the glass fell)? I think both are important. (Don't worry, I'm a little afraid of cranes.)

MTA is testing new bus ads (Gothamist). This is cool but also creepy if the ads change from Dunkin Donuts in the nice neighborhood to WE CASH YOUR CHECKS in the less nice ones.

Fares my rise (The New York Times)

Two officers were shot in a Queens station by a man "illegually using" a student card (NY Daily News). The officers were not in uniform. If someone's going to break the rules, they're going to break the rules, I guess, but last week my friend and I were discussing the obviousness of undercover police. I was talking about the one time my card didn't work so I hopped the gate, but "only because there wasn't anybody there, not even an attendant." So uh, dude, find another rule to break somewhere else? Obviously shooting a cop is up there with They're Doing Their Jobs Stop Screwing Around.

16 people were arrested for ties to "organized crime," which Gothamist suspects may involve the Chinatown buses (Gothamist, obvs).

New York will install displays to alert riders to trains by listing the location of the car (NY1). PLUS it will let you know if it's in service or not. Almost nothing is as depressing as your train coming and finding out that it's NOT PICKING YOU UP.

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