Wednesday, October 29, 2008

We Are All Screwed

What an expletive. Via DCist, Metro Transit Police Chief Michael Taborn responded to questions yesterday and is apparently ready to seriously eff with you, peacefully yet dumb dissenting citizen:

Washington, D.C.: I am opposed to these searches and plan on refusing any Metro officer's request to go through my bags. Because I'll be allowed to refuse search and turn around without being detained, I will simply enter the Metro through another escalator or elevator. How do you plan on addressing this loophole?

Michael Taborn: You may choose not to be searched and leave the station with your bags or other items. We do have a plan to address suspicious behavior.

Metro’s friendly, “You can say no!” passive aggressive behavior feels like the beginnings of Big Brother. It’s obviously going to be a bad idea to say no. (But I think that I might when I’m inevitably approached because of my camera or overnight bags.)

DCist has also pointed the way to a guide that will help reluctant riders. In short, use common sense: don’t return to the same entrance (I recommend not returning to the station at all and walking to another if possible, or taking the bus), don’t behave with belligerence, remain polite and calm yet firm when you say you will not consent, be sure to get names and badge numbers if there is a violation of your rights, and don’t run. Don’t get stupid.

Don’t forget to let WMATA know how you feel about this ridiculous plan. Keep it civil—you want WMATA to listen to you.

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