Thursday, October 2, 2008

Not Only Does John McCain Hate My Demographics, He Hates Transit!

I'm not totally comfortable going all on out yet. But I do NOT have a problem here.

You have to read this article. McCain was one of 24 people to oppose federal funding for Metro. Metro has never been funded yet DC has the second largest transit system and is drowning in its deficit. Meto supports the city but overwhelmingly its riders during rush hour are federal employees. Some of its riders, I'd venture many of its riders, are the senators voting. But that doesn't matter to McCain:
Joe Biden is one of the Senate’s top rail champions. By contrast, Arizona during the McCain Era has been a poster child of bad planning and transportation policy featuring a number of cities growing rapidly in the worst possible ways, resulting in huge ecological footprints and now a total real estate collapse. But beyond that, McCain has actually distinguished himself from the average conservative Republican in his fanatical opposition to high-quality rail.
Emphasis mine. Thank you, Matthew Yglesias.

I think I know why, and I'll say this without eloquence. First, obviously, and perhaps least importantly, McCain has no grasp on economics. My understanding, which while expanding rapidly is just above rudimentary*, is better than McCain's. Our economy sucks and it's been failing for a very long time. So yes, of course his local economy tanked. Second, and more important, is that the lower class depends heavily on transit.

Hispanic communities are far more pedestrian-based than the sprawling suburban lifestyle of Americans. To get through the sprawl, which is dominant in Arizona, they need buses. They need rails. People without money (like me!) don't have cars.

John McCain owns a fleet of vehicles. And more than one plane. And seven houses. In several real estate markets, even though he has failed the markets of his own state. He sees the non-white people at the bus stop and he does not believe in helping them through transit, because he does not believe in supporting them as president. (He wants to remove their already inadequate healthcare, raise their taxes, and make their lives--and mine!--more difficult; additionally, his colleagues want to sterilize the lower class and he has yet to say, wait, no, that's wrong!)

*That's my way of saying that if you see me, please, please, do not ask me to tell you "what I think" or "what I know" about the market.

I am trying to do freelance work and watch the debates. It is killing me.

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