Thursday, October 9, 2008

I Dream of Baskets

Yet the fantasy continues! I think about it when I hear a child use a bike bell (a common occurrence this weekend) or see a bike locked to the side of a building or tied to a tree…or prompted by nothing.

I harbor dreams of a bike basket the same way I harbor dreams of owning a dog or my own business, or living life without the crushing anxiety of loans.

I dream of metal baskets that fold. I dream of milk crates that are secured with bungy cords, and I dream of pretty plastic-coating metal baskets wired to my handlebars.

I dream of contents too: a glass bottle of milk (which is my favorite kind of milk, this isn’t all romanticism), books held together by a belt (romanticism; the real world uses a rubber band that snaps when I hit a branch in the road), my camera wrapped around the basket with a Gorilla Pod. Sometimes there are flowers.

If my dreams were practical—and they obviously aren’t—I would have been dreaming of a waterproof removable folding basket.

That’s okay. Somebody did, and she posted it on Instructables. The basket requires waterproof material (if looks like a big blue Ikea bad), scissors, string, buttons, tape, and a folding basket. It looks better than it sounds.

Thanks Kiki, I have new dreams for my book-holding, milk in a glass bottle-protecting bike basket.

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