Sunday, September 28, 2008

Weekly News...


San Francisco has bike lights!

A Metrolink train struck and killed a man Wednesday morning.


CTA is providing its own Twitter with CTA Tweet (follow here). I hate the corporate promotion bandwagon on Twitter (even when I am guilty of the non-corporate kind myself) but I think this is a brilliant idea. All riders need is a Twitter account to know about delays, re-routes, and transit-related mishaps. For 140 characters the updates are incredibly specific. Even if it better serves riders with strong networks, it would help someone to check Twitter before leaving the house, and that’s benefit enough. You can read more about the service on CTA Tattler.


Metro has been authorized to receive $1.5 billion in federal funding for improvement and maintenance.

Fairfax Connector drivers are on strike, yet bus routes continue to increase … yet the bus is on a “Saturday schedule.”

McPherson Square Metro was shut down as the result of a suspicious letter at Dept. of Veteran Affairs. Shuttles/bridges were set up and the station reopened in the afternoon.

DCist on SmartTrip upgrades…and lack thereof.

New York

Because there isn’t any money, MTA is thinking of cutting services.

MTA debuted new grates that are expected to aid flooding.

MTA says riders will have to wait for signs detailing the next arrival. DC’s Metro has had this for years and recently upgraded to more details.

The Long Island Rail Road is embroiled in a scandal where retired employees have been getting disability comp. Patterson is pissed. The feds raided the offices on Wednesday.

MTA voted to charge the city for E-Z Pass. This is much better than the bridge idea; MTA announced last week it wanted to charge emergency vehicles but promised not to disrupt emergencies.

MTA had contracts with Lehman and is now in negotiations with Barclays. Suddenly riders with no financial interests in Lehman see their futures totally screwed.

Summer Streets program will return next year. Hooray!

Take a Seat adds seating (folding chairs) to subway stations. Can the group add seating to bus stops, please?

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