Monday, September 22, 2008

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CTA Tattler has a great post about MSNBC’s discussion about etiquette. Growing up in DC I have ridiculously high standards for the other riders. (Maybe you’ve noticed?)


There will be a meeting tomorrow about routing the 16 (Metrobus).

Columbia Heights Metro Station was closed for a suspicious threat, which turned out to be a mannequin “dressed like a homeless person” with a bear’s [costume] head. Other models were placed throughout the city. DCist, who reported steadily to joy of my RSS Reader, and totally called it, said it was a Greenpeace/Mark Jenkins stunt.

DC passed a fine—from $50 to $250—and will add points to drivers who fail to yield to pedestrians and passed a fine (in the same bill) for drivers blocking bike lanes. Blocking the lane was already illegal but did not include a fine. The blocking fine is $65—councilmember Tommy Wells, responsible for introducing both amendments introduced the fine earlier but was asked to research fines before approval.

Purple Line petition! (You know, if you’re into that. No pressure.)

Greater Greater Washington reports that WMATA is trying to improve the 16th Street Bus. They have suggestions for improvement, too. (The blog also posted a list of upcoming DC transit events/meetings, check it out!)

Los Angeles

A bus and a train collided in the city, injuring 12 people.

Investigators are still trying to determine if texting was the cause of the train collision last week. It’s been confirmed that the brakes were not used and texts were received.


Baltimore Sun columnist Jean Marbella fantasizes about using the proposed transit to get around the county. Unfortunately, she’s holding on to pipe dreams I long ago abandoned. This transit is like fetch: IT’S NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN. One of my old offices had a calendar of the proposed routes. And it’s pre-2002. None of the plans came to fruition. To be fair to Marbella, City Paper awarded the green line with less vitriol than I did above.

City Paper had a slew of non-automotive awards for its annual Best of Baltimore issue.

Baltimore City Council approved a Circulator in exchange for higher parking taxes. The bus is free, and this is doubly awesome if you don’t drive and already use transit. Getting to Fells Point was always difficult for me and with this bus I could have taken the 8 from my front door (okay, half a mile, but it was the nearest stop) to City Hall and picked up the Circulator. It’s a ridiculously easy process.

New York

As mentioned on this blog Tuesday, it was proposed that MTA buy the Manhattan and Williamsburg bridges for $1 and propose tolls. In a stunning turn of asinine events, MTA wants to toll city departments for using its bridges and tunnels. MTA says it won’t stop emergency services but it only takes one stubborn employee to run afoul (I know I did similarly dumb things in my years of retail). Thankfully, both ideas are wildly unpopular.

The New York Times covers MTA's new line managers.

Things I Need to Write About Instead of Just Linking To…

DC’s on-going Purple Line saga

Baltimore’s on-going subway woes (this could just be my perspective) and its green line proposal

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