Sunday, September 7, 2008

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A man and a woman died in a double suicide Sunday night on the CSX tracks.


CTA is (and slash already did) rerouting the Loop, working to eliminate slow zones, and working on as much construction as possible. Cars on the el are overcrowded and the CTA reports a 9.5% increase in ridership in August (MARTA and MBTA also have gains).


A body was found on the Marc tracks at Union Station on Wednesday morning.

DCist proves it’s probably more on top of transit that I am with a really long article about Metro cars.


Subway to the Sea “may become a reality” now that the city’s MTA is heavily investigating routes. I looked for jobs in Los Angeles during the great Job Hunt of ’08 and the one significant downside was the unreliability of the transit system (my goodness, the sprawl!). If this became a reality I would consider it a huge selling point for the city. Of course, there’s no budget, and this hasn’t been approved, but if the plan MTA is working on for success goes well, maybe it has a better shot.


“Freeloading” passengers who don’t pay busfare upon entrance are targeted in a city-wide “crackdown.” I’ve always been astonished at the courage it takes to not pay and the cowardice that fuels it. Estimates count 130,000 riders per week steal rides without swiping or paying in cash and change. The B46 in Brooklyn reports 4,000 scumbags don’t pay a week.

New hybrid buses! When the fleet is complete it will have the largest hybrid fleet in the world with 1,700 buses. Completion is expected in 2010, around the same time Baltimore expects to complete its hybrid transformation.

Windpower is somehow factoring into MTA’s power.

Long Island Rail will have cable and Wi-Fi.


Unsurprisingly, Wasilla, Alaska has no transit. Let’s not forget, it’s the 47th most populated, and if Palin is an indication of the extracurricular activities, a deer carcass can’t be hauled on a subway car. Or strapped to the roof of a bus.

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