Wednesday, September 17, 2008


(I have to get out of the way because I occasionally contribute to City Paper, my apologies. I think I’d post this if I didn’t.)


City Paper’s yearly Best of Baltimore issue hit the streets today, and while looking for my transit-related contribution (Best Use of Taxpayer Funds::MTA Hybrid Plan), I saw that that the living section is full of transit-related rewards:


Best Public Transit Change, Actual:: Expanded MARC Train Service (I agree, despite knowing that an 11:45 p.m. train would never help me, since taking the train overnight was because I was at the Black Cat. But the improvements remain awesome!)

Best Public Transit Change, Proposed::Baltimore Metro Extension

Best Bus Line::The No. 11

Best Bus Out of The City::MVP Bus

Best Boon to MTA User-Friendliness::Online Trip Planner (See my exciting commentary here.)

Best Proposed Use of The Light Rail Tracks::Riffin's Railroad (I think Riffin is crazy. City Paper has been covering this issue and you can read more here.)

Best Place to Watch Government Workers Turn Into An Angry Mob::MARC Train

Best Car-Free Weekend Getaway::MARC Train to The Appalachian Train

Best Place to Bike::To Work


There’s also a story about Velocipede, which I’m happy to mention again: is a great way to get your hands on a bike for little (or none at all!) money. I have a habit of sending recently moved from bike-friendly cities friends there and [as far as I know] they’ve all been really happy.


In unrelated news, Columbia Heights Metro Station was closed yesterday morning as the result of “bearrorism.” DCist reported this yesterday, and I guess it’s bad that I thought two things: 1) Wow, that’s a suspicious package? This was followed by guilt for not taking things seriously. 2) This would be so much cooler if it wasn’t a stunt but a photography series instead (like this and Nicole Oidick’s work*). The Washington Post reports that the objects were mannequins (I thought it was people…also so much cooler!) and provides details about the Metro incidents. I would have saved this until Monday but I can’t. Someone weigh in. What do you think?



*I am going to make Nicole let me show a photo to compare bear vs. scary Laundromat mask.

Edited to add: DCist reported during my lunch that it's a Greenpeace stunt with the assistance of artist Mark Jenkins. This is somewhat unsurprising. I maintain my photography-snob opinion and promise and comparison (Nicole is going to send me one of her photos). Since it's losing it's transit-based appeal I'll post it on Winsome Icarus with a link in a news post the following Monday.


Rollie Fingers said...

Hi Katherine!

My name is Chris and I am the Public Information Officer for the Transit Riders Action Council of Baltimore (TRAC). We're a grassroots transit advocacy group working to make Baltimore a better place for transit users.

Feel free to e-mail me some time to talk about transit and possibly getting involved with TRAC (if you're interested).


iloveamagician at gmail dot com

Katherine said...

Chris, I currently live in Frederick and work in DC (but play in Baltimore and miss it desperately) and if not having a home address there doesn't affect your comment you will definitely be hearing from me later!

Rollie Fingers said...

That does not disqualify you at all. We can use all the help we can get! (Especially in terms of website and e-newsletter stuff...hint, hint :-) )