Monday, September 22, 2008

Thanks, Google Reader!

The 42 is an Adams Morgan-centric blog written by Tim, covering the events, sights, and eats that can be reached riding Metrobus’s 42. I’m a new reader but I’m smitten already (all it took was his post about the Black Cat in his Behind the Bar series). I love that Tim’s reviews are clear on the location so riders can find the establishment and that he posts multiple photographs in each post.

Post occasionally diverge from the bus line to discuss city life in DC, which enhances the content of distracting from the purpose of the blog (unlike the occasional to frequent derailing here) and illuminates the ease of living a car free existence in the District. Tim writes informatively and conversationally, making me—a total stranger, I haven’t even commented yet!—feel like a peer. Like maybe we can meet during our lunch break for those vegan cupcakes everyone is crazy about (and then he could let me know if it meets his standards, because I’m mostly curious and not vegan*)

Check Out:

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Reasons to Be Car Free in DC 8: The Real Pink Slip (okay, fine, it’s because I’m bitter about last week’s…drama)

Drinking on Metro

*And if you’ve noticed [the still unlaunched, because I still haven’t had time to fix the layout] Sweet Umbrellas, my standards for cupcakes and sweet goods are unusually high.

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