Sunday, September 21, 2008

Right Over the Edge

Scoring the appearance of female passerbys has been covered by Feministing and Hollaback NYC (I think) but I refer to tonight's Gothamist post which includes horrifying photographic evidence of an already disturbing event: fifteen men sit on a bench in New York City and hold numbered signs, judging the women they see, Olympic-style ("Olympic-Style Street Harrassment")

Something needs to be done to make this stop. It's not funny, it's harrassment, it's shallow, and it is gender-based. More importantly, it's intimidation. I wouldn't walk through Madison Square Park because I'd be afraid of confronting or trying to withstand the offensive men. It's not because I'm ugly or insecure, it's because I'm afraid that we'd exchange words. It would be hard to hide that I was uncomfortable, which would surely elicit commentary...which would make it all the more unbearable. Wow, so much for the workday, lunch meeting, coffee break, or event I was looking forward to, gentlemen, thanks.

I also want to note that three of the men are covering their faces and two of them look horribly embarrassed. They know what they are doing is stupid and wrong. You'd think, knowing that, the dummies would have knocked it off.

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