Wednesday, October 1, 2008

iNap = youZZZZZ

Lifehacker reports that iTunes’ store includes the Moop.Me application iNap, a program that lets you sleep on transit with the promise of waking up when you reach a pre-nap set destination. You program the address, name the location (“WORK” seems the most appropriate), choose the “alert radius” (anywhere from one block* to 100 miles), and the awakening methods (“Bells” seems okay but I wonder if you can choose a song? Let’s get jolted out of our seat with some black metal!). Presumably 100 miles would aid your transit nap if you were on a bullet train.

iNap uses Google Maps and the GPS in iPhone to determine the proximity between the device and location.

Since getting the iPod Touch I haven’t actually purchased any apps. Instead I’ve gone for Twitterific (ruining the Internet 140 characters at a time!), AIM, and Flashlight. (Don’t look at me that way. Flashlight has many options but its blank WHITE screen is far more illuminating than the Home screen!) iNap is $1, which seems like a low price for the convenience of a worry free snooze. I’m not sure I could ever get some real sleep on transit—I’m incapable of letting my guard down if I’m traveling with my ID and farecard, nevermind my cellphone, ipod, wallet, keys—…but even the commuter bus snooze is fraught with paranoia. I’d like to see my fellow riders use it so I don’t have to wake them up anymore.

Gizmodo reports that the program works on your phone when it’s in iPod Mode

Okay, maybe .01 miles isn’t a block in your town. And what’s up with that, anyway? I was in a College Park neighborhood and “one block” was half a mile! That’s weak, College Park, and you know it. We should all agree that .01 miles is 100 meters, OKAY?

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