Monday, September 15, 2008

Empty Gas Station

In a surprising turn of events, Sheetz is out of gas. Poof! Saturday night the prices came down and as I left for work to carpool this morning my mom asked how much I had and I said, "I'll get gas on 40."

While checking the headlines for work I haven't noticed a gasless epidemic state-wide but it makes me think heavily—more than before, if that's possible—about our general dependency on getting around in a car.

Transit vehicles need gas to run too, but so much less is used than an automobile. The only problem here is that this gas station is across the street from my house in a very rural community with unreliable transit opportunities to get into town. I think it would take almost four hours to get to work if I walked to the transit stop in my neighborhood.

Then, in slightly related news, the price has been steadily dropping through the day as the market continues to crash, to $94 per barrel.

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