Tuesday, September 16, 2008

As a Follow Up to Negative Nancy...

Here’s Positive Polly!

Baltimore City Council voted to bring a Circulator to town! (This would have been great when I was living there, but I’ll take it!)

The bus has three proposed routes in well-traveled areas: one near Johns Hopkins, one near Charles Street (South Baltimore and Penn Station), and one running “East-West” from the B&O Rail museum at the west end to Aliceanna St. in Fells point on the West end (or, excuse me, City Hall to Harbor East).

It gets better though! It’s going to be free! That’s the compensation—reason, really—for raising parking taxes (Biz Journal covered this in May) which, I think we can agree, is already astronomical. I’m not going to let that change my joy. I already know how to find a park and ride (easy parking article, to come). Whatever, yahoo!



Hey, Baltimoreans reading: I’m supposed to table for an organization at the Fells Point Festival. Any parking tips? It’s going to be crazy trying to park in the neighborhood (and it’s already congested on a good day) and I’m hoping to avoid the Little Italy parking deck.


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