Sunday, August 3, 2008

Whoo Hoo!

I'm starting a new job this week just-outside-DC and desperately trying to understand foolproof ways to commute efficiently with as few connections as possible (ha!) and found this in the MARC FAQ:

Why did you buy these old gallery cars from Chicago?
MARC is faced with
record ridership and needed to acquire more equipment. There were no funds
available for new cars that can cost up to $2million apiece. The gallery
cars were available for very little because Chicago's system was purchasing 300
new gallery cars. While they are not new, these 30 year-old cars are
virtual "spring chickens" compared to the 50 year old MARC I cars that they will
replace. In addition they provide over 150 seats per car versus 85 in the
old single level cars. This will not all be a net gain in seating because
later in 2004 we will begin taking our oldest MARC II cars (the 3 and 2 seaters)
out of service for a much needed overhaul. We know that there are features
of the gallery cars that are foreign to our riders. However these
cars carry over 100,000 riders each day in Chicago and are a proven
design. Because of their door arrangement they can only be used at
low-level platforms, which restricts them to the Brunswick Line.

I knew I loved those MARC cars! (I guess I missed this when it was news, sorry.)

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