Saturday, August 2, 2008

What a Welcome Home

Oh, this is nice: Metro wants to remind you that people with cameras are photographing the tunnels so they can bomb us and remove our freedom.

Was that sarcasm cranky? You're right, I'm sorry.
It's just that yesterday, every station was inundated with blinding flashes from tourists. Look, from this angle I get an artsy shot of the track, getting smaller in the distance! And across the platform, Cheese! (It doesn't help that I tend to shoot quietly from under my purse so as to shoot commuters as anonymously as possible.)

I'm not disputing "suspicious behavior" in the name of Angry Photographers' Rights, it just seems a little silly to hype up (admittedly, I'm helping) the image of terrorism as anyone with a camera. And though "Persons photographing, sketching or documenting activity at or around Metro stations" was probably meant to mean shady and aloof work the language is still broad, even if we all know it means non-white people with compact digital cameras and cell phones.

It is important to note that Metro maintains that photography is allowed. So have at it, fannypacked, Metro tourists! Just stop blinding me, and for the love of God, get out of the way, I need to catch this train.

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