Monday, August 11, 2008

Riding the Loop

I went to Chicago at the end of July to visit one of my oldest and dearest friends. We're both City People. That is, we'd rather walk the distance than take a bus any less than six stops. Somehow I've barely taken the el at all on the last two trips to the midwest. On those adventures we took the bus when we were desperately cold and I took the train to the airport into the city and away from the city when I was forced to leave. Forced because my plane ticket said that was the day I was departing. I was lucky this time and spent the better part of an afternoon navigating the city on the rails, which required a run on the loop.

This time around I realized how much I love riding around the loop. I guess if I lived in Chicago I might not feel that way, but part of me thinks no, it would be like riding under and over 83 on the Light Rail: I'd secretly look forward to it.

I took a few videos--mostly of the buildings--with my digital camera using a gorilla pod. I loved looking into buildings and watching people on their lunch break, spying on pedestrians, and gliding over traffic.

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Steve Tiano said...

Add me to the list as someone who used to walk rather than ride anything less than a city bus's six stops.

When I grew up in Brooklyn, I actually chose my high school based on the fact I could take the el part of the way. I was supoosed to go to the better-reputationed Brooklyn Tech. I’d had the grades and passed whatever initiations and entrance exams the school required.

I went to a school in Brighton Beach instead, a coupla stops from Coney Island, because it allowed me to take the el.