Sunday, August 31, 2008


*This is a somewhat politically charged post. I want to be fair but sometimes I let my personal feeling on my blog take precedent. To new readers, irritated readers, and future employers, I am capable of unbiased whining. :)

click the image to see a larger version. if you don't this post won't make sense, will it?

I had to heavily edit this photograph to make my issue clear, but I want to emphasize that it was extremely visible from a hurtling train. It was so visible that I was immediately outraged and began to fume so much that the teenagers asking for donations to their charity basketball game quickly backed away.

The building pictured is where the CTA trains go at the end of the day. It's where they're likely repaired. From my vantage point little CTA workers' heads bobbed up and down as they came and went throughout their CTA building. So in theory this is government property. Government property that is supporting asshole candidate Ron Paul.

Let's get a little personal: I hate Ron Paul. I think Ron Paul is a joke, which is good because if he were a viable threat, and he won, I'd probably throw in the towel on life. As it stands, the damage he's done is bringing young (admittedly dumb) minds to his right wing agenda, promising that the legacy of right-wing buffonery can continue.

In reality, the sign is probably the result of one [dumb] enthusiastically CTA employee. However, this sign faces billions of people each day and reinforces CTA's stance on politics. If CTA support Ron Paul then it must therefore support the following:

-A pro-life agenda
-Stem cell research is "manufacturing babies to be used for research."
-Doctors perform abortions for the money
-U.S. Border Patrol
-Death penalty for doctors performing abortion and jail time for women who have abortions
-And basically overturn Roe v. Wade
Favoring abstinence only education, which, historically favors misinformation and has shown to hurt students
-Income tax resistance
-You know, I don't think I can go on, but I think Wikipedia can.

By the way, I don't know what to make out of the post I found on Feministe while I was Googling (to make sure I had my facts right). It makes my head spin. (Which is why I simply can not go on.)

Support these in your personal life. Keep it out of the workplace, CTA. Everyone else does.


Anonymous said...

Wow, I came across your post while I was doing some research on Ron Paul's views on public transportation, assuming he would never support it, and I was correct. However if you look at the heart of what Ron Paul stands for, which is states rights and less government, free markets and property rights, then it doesn't really matter what his views are on issues such as abortion or stem cell research, because ultimately Paul would turn the matter over to local governments and take it out of the hands of politicians in Washington. Personally I disagree with Paul on abortion, but it doesn't matter because his libertarian philosophy prevents him from imposing his views on others. Finally if you listen to speeches he gave years and years ago on economics, I think he sort of looks like a genius now!

Katherine said...

Historically states rights has been code for dismantling personal rights without blame. Bush did it for the last eight years. In general, Libertarians make me nauseous. I think I focused on abortion/women's rights because it was the most important issue to me at the time, and the issue that is destroyed when someone takes office.

I think he sounds kind of imbalanced, so I'm glad he didn't win.

I'm glad you weren't completely outraged when you got to the page.

Also, please refer to my comment policy if you comment again. :) Thanks!