Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Clean and Cool Bathroom for Grand Central Station

New York City’s Grand Central Station has been named a finalist for America’s Best Bathroom by Wallet Pop. The Station is joined by stiff competition: fancy hotels, museums, Louis Armstrong, and, oddly, CBGB’s—ew? From Wallet Pop’s entry:

Grand Central Station

2008 Rank: Finalist
Location: New York, New York

The recent renovation in Grand Central Terminal in New York reflects the architect’s philosophy of designing restrooms that not only befit the grandeur of one our most prized national landmarks, but also a belief in an exceptional design aesthetic with the use of high quality materials: Bottocino marble walls, terrazzo seamless flooring, stainless steel doors, Stony Creek granite partitions and high quality sustainable light fixtures.

Sounds pretty fancy for a terminal restroom. Good job, New York!


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Charlotte said...

The bathrooms at Grand Central are quite soothing in their aesthetic appeal. And, more importantly for the public bathroom aficionado (or desperado), not many people know about them.

However, I would not characterize them as exactly clean. I have shared my stall with a NYC rattus norvegicus on more than one occasion.

I still swear by the bathrooms in all of the old department stores (even Macy's). Almost all of them have doors that reach the floor. Respite like that is hard to find.