Thursday, August 14, 2008


More and more blurbs!

Thanks to Feministing I found Hollaback, a website that chronicles jarring street harassment. Naturally, that includes incidents on the subway. I think it sheds light on the issue. I don't know if it really allows for "fighting back" but I'm glad there's an outlet to point out the pervs somewhere, right? Maybe The Metropolitan Transit Authority can hire Rick from Recher Theatre? He kicked out a guy at a show when I was 19 because the guy was following me around and masturbating. It was scary and I've felt endearment ever since. I mean, he did a good job. Let's round up our favorite secruty detail and get them on transit! Anyway, many of these posts include photographs snapped with cell phones as the pervs are in the act, and I appreciate that. I'm never thinking quickly enough because I'm so damn irritated.

Katie, of Contemporary Finds, confirmed by way of comment in last night's rambling post that I've escaped having my ass kicked because... I'm lucky, I guess?

DC's mayor Adrian Fenty took his press op yesterday for the city's launch for SmartBike. DCist said he didn't look nerdy. I think he looks sort of ridiculous...and too tall for the bike. Washington City Paper commenter Hector points out that Fenty's riding on the sidewalk. Uh, dude? Riders have to share the road with cars.

This weekend I'm going to try and plot routes that I/my sister/people I know/regular Joe's would need commuting/sight seeing/whatever it is you do when you rent a bike so I can stop whining that I think the system is insufficient. I can't wait to see how embarrassingly wrong I am!

The Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA NY) is getting rid of advertisements for Hello Heath. Presumably, but not confirmed because that's kind of humiliating, because the ads have been vandalized. The ads in question have empty thought bubbles, and I think, beg for contributions. I know I'd have a hard time from refraining. One hopes I'd make my own artistic response at home, but I make no promises. (For the record, I've never vandalized anything...except that one time on the 8 when I corrected grammar with my own red Sharpie.)

I've driven twice to work this week. It's given me time to think a lot about transit: I'm beginning to sincerely believe I'm an anti-car person. I'll let you know how this develops.

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